Free Bible Software Recommendation

There are a number of programs out there for reading and studying the Bible on your computer. Some popular Bible programs include Olive Tree Bible Reader, Logos Bible Software, Accordance, and BibleWorks. The problem with all of these is that they take a bit of cash to get started with. While all of the programs but BibleWorks are free, there are very few free Bibles and study resources available for any of them.

Enter theWord Bible Software.

theWord is free, and offers a large number of useful translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and other resources for free. Not all of it can compare with some of the paid resources available on the other programs, but fortunately theWord even has several premium modules if you want to pay. It also has a skinnable interface, which means you can basically make it look however you want it to. You can change colors, styles, and layout.

All around, theWord rocks. No other PC program gives me free access to the ESV, HCSB, and EMTV translations, plus several morphologically tagged original language texts and interlinears. That’s not even counting the free commentaries, dictionaries, and books.

Click the logo below to check it out:

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