God Really, Really, Really Hates Sin

Lately, I’ve been reading through Jeremiah, and I have come to one important conclusion: None of us even have the slightest clue how much our holy, loving God hates sin. I won’t elaborate too much on this. I will simply say that if we could grasp God’s intense, holy, hatred of sin, then we who love Him and trust in His Son would be far less likely to continue in sin. I’ll let Scripture speak from here. Just read the following passage and realize that there are quite a number like this in Jeremiah, not to mention the other prophets, and some are even more violent and graphic.

I have abandoned My house;
I have deserted My inheritance.
I have given the love of My life
into the hands of her enemies.
My inheritance has acted toward Me
like a lion in the forest.
She has roared against Me.
Therefore, I hate her.
Is My inheritance like a hyena to Me?
Are birds of prey circling her?
Go, gather all the wild animals;
bring them to devour her.
Many shepherds have destroyed My vineyard;
they have trampled My plot of land.
They have turned My desirable plot
into a desolate wasteland.
They have made it a desolation.
It mourns, desolate, before Me.
All the land is desolate,
but no one takes it to heart.
Over all the barren heights in the wilderness
the destroyers have come,
for the Lord has a sword that devours
from one end of the earth to the other.
No one has peace.
They have sown wheat but harvested thorns.
They have exhausted themselves but have no profit.
Be put to shame by your harvests
because of the Lord’s burning anger. Jeremiah 12:7-13

So what do you think?