What I Sound Like to Some

The website what-would-i-say.com is quite interesting. It scans my Facebook posts and the generates stuff that it thinks I might post based on bits and pieces of what it has read. Here are ten of the most interesting results:

  • “Tiny preview of genocide or legalization of murder?”
  • “Grace is not murder, and we will be resurrected here.”
  • “Seek justice, love mercy, walk according to the Constitution in the praise the Lord and eventually Messiah and Savior.”

  • “Iced coffee in Satan? His desires, though we will not dwell forever.”
  • “Against Motorola Atrix are very few of the glory and grace.”
  • “See my blog in a small space pod.”
  • “Faith must be strengthened. By the game.”
  • “Today, I will not survive.”
  • “Love is a violent, murderous offense.”
  • “I look at all.”
  • “History is nourishing! Enjoy fine food! Pay to cover murder regardless of how would reveal it.”
  • “Beloved, we are worshiping a football team to root beer. I find no right because it is one purpose of His special people.”
  • “You should go crazy. But somehow I still walk around, it’s good.”
  • “Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in glory.”
  • “You should support real marriage, which was wrapped around my head.”
  • “Cassie is entirely inappropriate to vote for my iPad 2 in the back.”
  • “Technically, since the federal government should return to Jesus…”
  • “So, ObamaCare will be shut down. If a Republican is revealed.”
  • “God help transferring some funds…”
  • “I’m a mod there, and we have been polluted by unchecked industrialist greed.”
  • “I’m a GNU kind of sinner.”

So what do you think?