Constrained by a Bow Tie: The Bondage of Eccentricity

Last Sunday I did something I haven’t done (at least willingly) in months. Many months. To anyone else, what I did would be incredibly insignificant and likely unnoticeable by quite a number of people. To me, though, I was making quite a step.

Last Sunday I went to church without my bow tie.

If you don’t know me, you may well be thinking, “So what?” (Or, perhaps, “Wait, you usually wear a bow tie to church? *cough* loser *cough*”) If you do know me, you still may be thinking at least, “What’s the big deal?”

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Who Thought It: Is the Doctor Still a Dark Hero?

I originally wrote this for Doctor Who TV, and it has yet to be published (update: was published on 12/7/13 here), but I decided to post it here as well.

One of the most common criticisms I’ve heard about the (IMHO) utterly fantastic Day of the Doctor was that, in undoing the Doctor’s destruction of Gallifrey, the Doctor has ceased to be a complex dark hero. He is now, according to some, simply a hero, the kind of fairytales.

Is this charge true? Has Moffat singlehandedly undermined or destroyed the darkness of our beloved Doctor in a mere 90 minutes? If you didn’t catch on from my wording, I am skeptical. Here are three major reasons why I feel the Doctor is still dark enough to be a deep, complex hero.

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