Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus

It’s really hard to stay focused in this world. There are so many things out there competing to occupy our minds. There are worries, hobbies, jobs, fears, entertainment, people, and all sorts of other concerns, many of which are truly important. Yet somehow, through this all, we are supposed to stay focused. Not just focused on any old goal, but on a person whom we cannot see. In fact, we can’t see Him, hear Him, or touch Him like we can the other people, projects, and pleasures in our lives. Yes, He’s here with us in the Spirit, but during the daily stuff of life that can easily be missed. 

If that were not yet enough to test us thoroughly, we cannot simply relegate Him to a certain block of time. He is too much to be, like work or lunch, a part of our mind for only certain parts of the day. Instead His position demands that He be on our minds, in our sights, through all times in all days. Such a life seems nearly impossible.

“But God” has made a way. In giving His Son the preeminence, He did not also make us incapable of living that out in our lives. He knows what we have need of as material creatures. So we do have ways to keep our eyes on Jesus. Paul told us to pray without ceasing, and when we make prayer a continuous part of our lives, not just some quick chats but an ongoing conversation, we are reminded all day of our new life in our Father and His Son. When we fellowship with other faithful believers, we see the life of the Spirit becoming tangible in their love and faith.  If we listen in faith to the preaching of the Scriptures, we learn how to connect the spiritual truth of life in Christ with the daily tasks of plain life. Reflecting on the physical event of our baptism reminds us how we are made one with the Lord in His death and resurrection. As we partake in the food and drink of the Lord’s Supper, we perceive with our senses a sign of the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice. Studying the Scriptures diligently gives us the opportunity to find parallels between the teachings of the prophets and apostles who did marvelous deeds in faith, and the activities of our own lives.

So let us all embrace the means of grace God has given us and enjoy them, for Jesus Christ is truly worth the effort. There is nothing as wonderful as finding true union with God’s only Son. From the inside out, we are changed and renewed. Our spirits are refreshed, our faith is strengthened, our love is expanded, and our good deeds are multiplied. Just doing what it takes to focus on Jesus is how to truly find life.

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