Sidestepping Abiathar: Arguing for Christianity without Fighting for Inerrancy

If you’ve ever had a debate with an atheist or other skeptic about Christianity, you’ve probably heard it. Those four terrible words. “The Bible contains errors.” Suddenly, at least from their perspective, your entire argument is worthless. For we know how it goes: If they’re convinced there is one error in the Bible, that should mean … Continue reading "Sidestepping Abiathar: Arguing for Christianity without Fighting for Inerrancy"

How to Know God's Will for You (Without Gimmicks, Funny Feelings, or Voices in Your Head)

“What is God’s will for my life?” This question consumes the minds of many believers perpetually. Taught from birth to seek God’s will in everything, many find themselves stuck on major (or minor) decisions trying to discern what God wants them to do. I come to free you. Okay, as dramatically as I imagine saying … Continue reading "How to Know God's Will for You (Without Gimmicks, Funny Feelings, or Voices in Your Head)"

Are Catholics Real Believers?

Can Catholics be real Christians? This is a question that many evangelical Protestants ask at some point, and I think there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation out there. This linked article, while not exhaustive, is I think a good start to understanding this issue.

The New Way to Get the Nerd

Hello, all! Many of you probably saw my recent video of me singing “In Summer” from Frozen. Well, having done that, I came to the decision that I want to do more blog stuff on my YouTube channel, because vlogging is cool. So send me requests and I’ll respond with videos!

You Might Be a Whovian If…

Every time you see a porta-potty, you think of the TARDIS. Every time you hear “Don’t blink,” you think of Weeping Angels. You think the opposite of YOLO is Rory Williams. You’ve said “wibbley wobbley” since you were 8. You’ve ever said “timey wimey.” Hearing the word “regenerate” makes you both excited and depressed. You … Continue reading "You Might Be a Whovian If…"

Does God Want Me Sick?

Nobody likes to be sick. Whether it’s as basic as coughing and sneezing or as severe as an aggressive cancer, we hate sickness. And naturally, whenever we hate something, but it exists, we wonder how it relates to God. A good God always leaves us with questions about bad stuff. So what about sickness? What … Continue reading "Does God Want Me Sick?"

Me, Olaf, Frozen, and Singing

Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I recently had a promotion for this blog. Ten Facebook shares = I sing the Frozen song of your choice. After a narrow vote between “In Summer” and “Love Is an Open Door,” “In Summer” won. So here you guys go.