You Might Be a Whovian If…

  • Every time you see a porta-potty, you think of the TARDIS.
  • Every time you hear “Don’t blink,” you think of Weeping Angels.
  • You think the opposite of YOLO is Rory Williams.
  • You’ve said “wibbley wobbley” since you were 8.
  • You’ve ever said “timey wimey.”
  • Hearing the word “regenerate” makes you both excited and depressed.
  • You think bow-ties are cool, but didn’t think so prior to 2005.
  • You are under 50 and would wear a fez in public.
  • The word “silence” always makes you think “..will fall” or “in the Library.”
  • You see in this picture a Dalek instead of a shower.
  • You traveled more than 60 miles to a movie theater in November 2013.
  • Stone angels freak you out.
  • The sentence “I’m married to my best friend’s daughter who I met when she died before I ever met my best friend, who I met before my wife was born” actually makes sense to you.
  • Using a screwdriver for medical scanning doesn’t phase you.
  • You would run from anyone offering to take you to Utopia.
  • You think James Bond is a Time Lord.

So if one of these things applies to you, you might be a Whovian. If two apply, you’re probably a Whovian. If any more than that apply, I believe you’re one of us.

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