Ecclesiastes Told a Different Way

There once was a young lad on a boat. He wondered why he had be placed into the boat. He saw the things in the boat, possessions, pleasures, labor, people etc., and he wondered

“Why am I here? If I have no purpose then neither do these things.”

And he wondered. He wondered why indulging in these things just seemed to work like drops of water on the tongue; lovely but unsatisfactory. He was sooo hungry!

He was a bright lad and during his time in the boat, he worked out that God must exist; he had no better reason for why anything at all existed. He also worked out that God must have a personality. And if God had a personality, he must have had some end in mind when he stuck the lad in the boat. The lad realized that anything for which he had an appetite was meaningless because, in the end, they just seemed to be distractions. He didn’t know from what they were distracting him until, one day, it fell into his mind like a thunderclap.

“If I had never existed I would never have known this. If I had never been placed on this boat, then I would not have learned that enjoyment comes in moderation or that through words souls become united.”

He pondered again for a time.

“If it is the case that worldly¬†things seem to be only distractions, then clearly I was made for something abstract and extraterrestrial. Then it seems that the only end that I can discern for myself, is that God, in his mercy, has created me to be enlightened and not to be comfortable, for what is comfort to me? If I had all the women, the wine, and the leisure in the world it would not equal an iota of the joy that comes from knowing.”

The lad was then able to die happy for he knew that everything is vanity, that God is merciful and just, and that where evil abounds, there grace abounds all the more.

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