The Baby

If you know me in real life, you probably already know this, though you might be left in the dark for some reason. At 2:03PM, on July 16, 2014, my wife gave birth to David Nathaniel Smith (aka Nathan), my son. (And yes, I am 19. And yes, he was an entirely post-nuptial pregnancy.) He was 21¾ inches and 9 lbs 2.3 oz. So began a brand new and amazing chapter of my life.


At this point its been 11 days. They have been pretty interesting, certainly fun and a bit difficult at times. But I love every minute thus far. To be honest, I was worried a bit before the baby was born that I just wouldn’t be able to love him right. I mean, babies are just tiny and mute, and I have stuff to do, and I know I struggle with being selfish. So how could I love this boy like I should? But God is gracious, and I’m blown away by how much I’m already attached to Nathan. He’s been a huge blessing in just these few days, and I am very excited to continue life with him.


More than anything, I want to be sure to raise him well. If I can teach him to truly love God and love people, I will be satisfied. That is really all I want from him. I do have many fantasies for my boy. I imagine Nathan and I playing Zelda games together, watching Lord of the Rings, battling it out with Super Smash Brothers, discussing theology, and going to Renaissance fairs. Alas, who knows if these will happen, or if my interests will ever interest him? Though my inner 12-year-old will be crushed, ultimately I will be happy if he follows Jesus Christ. Even if he doesn’t do it the same way I do. As of now, I’m a pretty funky evangelical Protestant with some affinity to high-church Reformed stuff, but if Nathan decides to go back to my Baptist roots, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Anglican, or even Catholic or Orthodox I will be proud if he lives a life of faith working through love.


I know at least one or two of you who read my blog regularly might wonder if I’ll be taking the advice from Clark’s two parenting posts. To that, I say that given I am neither an anarchist nor quite as much of a rationalist as Clark, I will probably not do everything he said, but I will definitely take a few points that I find pretty wise. He rightly sees the value of critical thinking, personal responsibility, and martial arts.

Face w Pacifier

This post, if you haven’t noticed, doesn’t have a very specific point to it. It is mostly for my various thoughts about my baby boy. But, despite not having a good angle, I did feel the urge to blog about such an important step in my life. So just know that Nathan is the most awesome baby ever, and none of you could ever have such a great baby. He he. At least in my opinion.

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  1. Though it’s a cliche to say, I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful father. I look forward to hearing marvelous things about your family in the future.

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