If you didn’t know this already, I’m a bit of an introvert. And I, like my introvert pals, sometimes do things that don’t make sense to other people. Socially unusual things. They are easy to misinterpret. I’m pretty sure people frequently get the wrong idea. So here’s a basic guide to weird things we do. I’ll phrase them in first person since some I’m not sure if they are just me or many introverts like me.

  • When I don’t smile when passing you by, it usually says nothing about my mood or feelings about you. In fact, quite often it means I’ve failed to decide whether it would be socially appropriate to smile at that moment in time to actually do it.
  • If I don’t say much during small talk, it’s not necessarily because I don’t want to interact with you, but that I don’t get small talk. Polite dialogue consisting of generic questions is something I know has little actual meaning, so it’s hard to invest in it. Now, if you bring up any specific topic on which I have anything at all to say, good luck shutting me up.
  • I usually won’t say “hi” first, mainly because unless I really consider you a friend, I assume my initiating conversation will be the wrong move to make for whatever relationship we do have (coworker, acquaintance, etc).
  • Social interaction can be exhausting, while still enjoyable. It’s kind of like swimming or walking. Sure, it can be fun, but I’ll be tired and want to go home and relax afterwards.

This is only a pretty short list, but these things are issues I wish everyone understood about me to begin with, since I know it’s so easy to give a wrong impression with them.

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