The One Thing I Know

I have lots of questions. This is in stark contrast to the “me” of two years ago, who had nothing but answers. But that’s how things go naturally. The more you come to know, the more you realize you don’t actually know. For many issues, I would go so far as to say that certainty is really just ignorance of possibilities.

Of course, that’s not necessarily desirable. We all—and I know especially I—want to know the truth without doubt. Some argue that it is an affront on the clarity and sufficiency of Scripture to think that we cannot. Yet the more I learn about things, the more I come to realize that, however much God has given us in Scripture and through the Spirit, we are so small-minded. There is simply so much beyond us. We’re captivated by more extra-Biblical assumptions, predeterminations, and cultural mores than we realize or can escape. At some point we realize that our quest for objective understanding is really rather vain. 

This said, the pursuit of truth is never vain. What is vain is seeking the truth through figuring things out. We have limits. We’re human beings, fallen ones at that. We’re not the omniscient God. So if we want truth, sooner or later we have to realize that we can’t find it simply by learning facts in our finite lifetimes with our finite minds. There is only one way to truth. There is only one Truth.

Jesus said to him, “I am…the truth.”

John 14:6


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