It All Goes Back to Jesus Christ

We are Christians. “Christ” is part of our very name. We are different from Jews because we believe Jesus is the Christ; we are different from Muslims because we believe Christ is God’s Son. So everything must go back to Jesus Christ.

This sounds obvious, but is it? Does all of our theology, all of our practices, all of our lives, find their root explicitly in the divine Son of God?

Think of your answers to the questions of life. Shouldn’t they be like this? “Who is God?” “Jesus.” “What is the meaning of life?” “Jesus.” “How does predestination work?” “Jesus.” While this may be a bit oversimplified, it is meant to make a point.

Jesus is, according to Hebrews 1:2, the final and fullest revelation of God. Any questions we have about God and the world must go through what we know of Jesus Christ. So whatever questions we do ask, they must come back to what God has revealed through His Son, for He is the image of the invisible God, the exact expression of His nature. Beware of interpretations of Biblical texts, explanations of doctrines, and answers to questions that do not trace back to Jesus.

Believe it or not, we do this more often than you would expect. Questions on the problem of evil, free will, eternal security, suffering, and many other subjects are quite often answered with at most passing reference to Jesus, and sometimes without considering Him at all. If you’re skeptical, listen up and read up on some of this. Just keep an ear out, and keep Jesus in mind. Then turn the tables and ask how Jesus is made first in whatever topic.

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