Zelda and the Outdoors

I stepped outside the other day to go to my car and stopped as I saw the brightness of the world. It occurred to me that “to go” was really the only reason I head outside, at least most of the time. This seemed, and seems today, a bit of a shame. This is what a lot of us do. We use outside as nothing more than a way to get from Building A to Building B, with most of even that trip actually spent inside a car. 

The situation here is quite a shame. Outside is filled with wonders and beauty. Flora and fauna grace hills, fields, mountains, lakes, valleys, and forests. There is fresh air and bright sunlight, all sorts of magnificent things. Outside we can those magical little creeks and pleasant wooded hideouts. Truly, the outdoors make a gift of God to humanity.

This reminds me very much of certain games in The Legend of Zelda franchise, such as The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword in particular. These games have massive overworlds, huge spaces that are used for little but connected the more important areas of the plot. They are also beautifully designed, yet so neglected. It is all to easy to play though these games spending much time passing through the main overworld only to miss all of its riches by treating it like a train. Despite this, there are endless wonders to be found in a Zelda overworld. Hidden places with treasures and quests abound. You never know what you’ll find if you take your time to explore the overworld instead of passing it right on by. Lots of money, health, potions, and other goodies are just waiting for you to stumble upon them and be benefited. So the wise player spends some quality time in the main overworld.

Likewise, the wise man spends some quality time outdoors. He explores the beauties, and he learns that there is always something new to find and be delighted by.

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