The Nicene Noggin

I really have two different audiences for this blog. One of them is people who are very interested in theology, philosophy, and nerd stuff. The other is everyone else, especially those Christians I know doing daily life without needing lots of technical blahs. For a long time there has been a necessary tension between writing for these two audiences, trying to keep the more technical stuff more approachable for the less technical reader, and trying to keep the more normal stuff interesting enough for more technical readers. 

Because of this, I’ve moved to a segregated blog. Not, obviously, racially. I now have the normal Nicene Nerd blog, and I’ve created a separate section called “The Nicene Noggin.” This is for all of my more technical posts, for people who are more interested in details of theology and philosophy like I am.

While I have moved a handful of older posts to that section, my first post made specifically for the Nicene Noggin is Salvation and Certainty Revisited. If you check it out, you’ll probably notice that I made no attempt here to make it especially accessible. This is liberating in writing on such matters. My normal posts will remain on the level of popular speech, so hopefully this will help everyone.

Until next time, all. Solus Christus!

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