Prayer Help from Old

The early church has a few awesome things to offer us. Like this prayer from St. Basil the Great: Almighty Lord, God of the Powers and of all flesh, Who lives in the highest and carest for the humble, Who searches our hearts and affections, and clearly foreknows the secrets of men; eternal and everliving … Continue reading "Prayer Help from Old"

Bro, Your Argument Stinks: Theological Fallacies

As Christians, we sometimes debate things. Usually doctrines or practices, mainly because those are the only real categories. But alas, often in these debates people use terrible arguments and logical fallacies. So I’m just going to review a few common logical fallacies I’ve seen used in Christian debate in alphabetical order, and show some example problems involving them. … Continue reading "Bro, Your Argument Stinks: Theological Fallacies"

Just A Quick Update

So I haven’t been posting much as of late. I figured I’d just drop by and point out why. Ready? *Drumroll* It’s because I’m back in school. Yay! I’m working hard at the Baptist College of Florida, and between that, work, and church I don’t have tons of time for blogging. I certainly won’t be … Continue reading "Just A Quick Update"