Prayer Help from Old

The early church has a few awesome things to offer us. Like this prayer from St. Basil the Great:

Almighty Lord,
God of the Powers and of all flesh,
Who lives in the highest and carest for the humble,
Who searches our hearts and affections,
and clearly foreknows the secrets of men;
eternal and everliving Light,
in Whom is no change nor shadow of variation;

O Immortal King,
receive our prayers
which at the present time
we offer to You from unclean lips,
trusting in the multitude of Your mercies.
Forgive all sins committed by us
in thought, word or deed,
consciously or unconsciously,
and cleanse us from all defilement
of flesh and spirit.

Grant us to pass the night of the whole present life
with wakeful heart and sober thought,
ever expecting the coming of the radiant day
of the appearing of Your only-begotten Son,
our Lord and God and Saviour, Jesus Christ,
when the Judge of all will come with glory
to render to each according to their deeds.
May we not be found fallen and idle,
but awake and alert for action,
ready to accompany Him
into the joy and divine palace of His glory,
where there is the ceaseless sound
of those keeping festival
and the unspeakable delight
of those who behold
the ineffable beauty of Your Face.

For You are the true Light
that enlightens and sanctifies all,
and all creation sings to You 
throughout the ages.

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