At the Mercy of God

I just ran across this 2011 post from my old blog, back when I was a new Calvinist and still in high school. I’m in a very different place now than I was then, but the basic insight behind this old post is still as fresh and exciting as ever, so I thought I’d share the whole thing:

Recently I sinned. That’s believable, right? We’re sinners, so we sin. Nevertheless, our slightest, most common sin is terrible on God’s scale. So, in response to conviction, I found myself confessing, asking for forgiveness, and asking for strength to resist the temptation in the future. I realized far too well that I have no power to stop this sin, but I would instead need to rely on God in faith to change my heart to love Him more than any sinful pleasure. As my awareness of my woeful inability heightened, I found myself uttering a very common expression to God: “I am at Your mercy.” Then it struck me; that is the absolute best place in the universe to be. There is no place so beautiful, no place so powerful, and no place so secure as the mercy of the Living God who personally paid the price for our sin that He demanded. If the God of the universe who abhors sin would be so merciful as to die for the sins of those He chose the world [silly old limited atonement], will He not spare a pittance of mercy to help these same people overcome the power of sin in their lives? He most certainly will! Next time you find yourself powerless to fix your problems, cleanse yourself, or escape trouble, remember that you, just as I, are at the mercy of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is most assuredly the greatest place to be.

So what do you think?