A Taste of Karl Barth as His Best

Karl Barth (pronounced “Bart”) was, without question, one of the most interesting theologians of the 20th century. Certainly he wrote more than many of the rest combined. Originally trained in German liberal theology and higher criticism, he eventually reacted and made a sharp break back towards orthodox Christianity, reasserting the transcendent reality of God over and against the liberals who … Continue reading "A Taste of Karl Barth as His Best"

In Christ, Out of Christ? Against Eternal Security, from a Union with Christ Perspective

[For the first of my two “union with Christ”-focused eternal security essays, I will argue that salvation can be lost. In the next post I will argue that it cannot, and leave you readers to judge.] Against Eternal Security: Union with Christ, Tended by the Father “You have fallen away from grace!”[1. Galatians 5:4b. I … Continue reading "In Christ, Out of Christ? Against Eternal Security, from a Union with Christ Perspective"

In Christ, Out of Christ? Two Essays on "Losing" Salvation

The question of whether or not people can “lose” their salvation, to the extent that this language even makes sense, has been traditionally controversial. In the time in between the completion of the New Testament and, say, St. Augustine, competing views on how salvation works, who will enjoy it, and how we truly receive it proliferated. Augustine wrote … Continue reading "In Christ, Out of Christ? Two Essays on "Losing" Salvation"

Church Is for the Church

What is a Sunday morning church service for? As Christians, we meet together on the first day of every week, the day of Christ’s resurrection. We sing songs, hear preaching, and (hopefully) take Communion. But why? What is the purpose and goal of this meeting? To many people, our gathering together as the Church on Sunday is … Continue reading "Church Is for the Church"

The God of Hipsters

What is a hipster, really? The Google definition is “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream,” but if hipster culture could be easily represented by a dictionary definition it wouldn’t be very hipster. People have lots of different ideas about what being hipster means, … Continue reading "The God of Hipsters"