What Caleb Believes, If You’re Interested

For my two theology classes this semester, I had to write a 10-12 page paper in each detailing what I believe about a mostly comprehensive set of doctrines. Naturally, I was a little to elaborate and ended to with 33 pages between the two of them, but it was a very enjoyable and clarifying experience.

So, for the fun of anyone here, I’m posting the combined credo here. It will briefly summarize the basics of my beliefs on almost everything. Enjoy, and feel free to critique it or ask questions. It’s attached as a PDF.

I Believe: A Credo

What Caleb Believes, If You’re Interested

One thought on “What Caleb Believes, If You’re Interested

  1. Victoria Rogers says:

    I think I actually found someone I can agree with on many issues of our great and precious faith. i’m obsessed with doctrine and this is quite refreshing. Ok I also admit Caleb is funny. I need all the help I can get as a Bible study leader/writer so press Mr. Nicene Nerd. Looking forward to more from you.

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