Guest Post: The Cheetah Paper

Cheetahs are amazing. They are super fast and can run up to 75mph. Cheetahs can sprint top speed 15 seconds. They are the fastest land animal. That is cool. Black eye stripes help cheetahs see in the sun. Cheetahs are yellow with black spots. Spots help cheetahs hide. Their tail is flat. Their tail helps … Continue reading "Guest Post: The Cheetah Paper"

Natural Law and Sexual Amnesia

Chaos and a Gaping Hole Once upon a time, evangelical Christians were all against the LGBT movement. Times have changed quite a bit. Every day you can find another evangelical convert to the new view. The idea that there’s no real conflict between Christianity and LGBT practice is constantly gaining ground in circles that otherwise … Continue reading "Natural Law and Sexual Amnesia"

Some Author Suggestions

Book suggestions are great, and I have a bunch, but sometimes it is more helpful long-term to suggest authors for people to read. It is great to have reliably good sources you can go back to for multiple topics and questions over time. I’ve read a lot of really good stuff and discovered several really … Continue reading "Some Author Suggestions"