Who I Am

Hi, my name is Caleb Smith. I’m in my early twenties, an evangelical Christian, husband and father of two. I just graduated with a B.A. in Ministry Studies at the Baptist College of Florida and am now a youth minister at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Laurel Hill, FL. On the side, I blog here and at In Whom Christ Plays. My thoughts are generally occupied with Christian faith and practice, moral worldview, and fantasy/myth (both real and fictional).

This blog is an expression of my many theological ramblings. It is mostly experimental and ad-hoc. The almost-clichéd statement from Augustine applies very well to me: “I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.” I do not attempt to make this blog particularly accessible (something which I reserve for my other blog), but instead write pretty freeling in the same manner in which I think. Posts on this blog come with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. They do not represent the view of any particular person or organization or theological system, but only myself (and not even always this exception). Nonetheless, I pray someone somewhere will receive some benefit from what I write here.

But I’m not always thinking about things that I consider important. Elsewhen, I like to fiddle with computers and smartphones, play Zelda, Civilization, and Age of Empires, and build the world of Teretz.