I love the sensation of chocolate ice cream. Especially when it has chips and chunks and ripples. The more chocolate variety, the better. I am capable of consuming strangely large bowls of this delightful dessert. And the word for the experience: pleasure. A lot of Christians generally have an awkward relationship with pleasure. We spend … Continue reading "Pleasure"

Other Nifty Blogs

In doing some minor site updates the other day, I noticed that my “Other Nifty Blogs” menu (currently located in a sidebar) was a bit out of date. Obviously, I had to immediately fix it. So now I have a more current blog list that better reflects what I read these days. But today I … Continue reading "Other Nifty Blogs"

Guest Post: The Cheetah Paper

Cheetahs are amazing. They are super fast and can run up to 75mph. Cheetahs can sprint top speed 15 seconds. They are the fastest land animal. That is cool. Black eye stripes help cheetahs see in the sun. Cheetahs are yellow with black spots. Spots help cheetahs hide. Their tail is flat. Their tail helps … Continue reading "Guest Post: The Cheetah Paper"

Natural Law and Sexual Amnesia

Chaos and a Gaping Hole Once upon a time, evangelical Christians were all against the LGBT movement. Times have changed quite a bit. Every day you can find another evangelical convert to the new view. The idea that there’s no real conflict between Christianity and LGBT practice is constantly gaining ground in circles that otherwise … Continue reading "Natural Law and Sexual Amnesia"

A Brief Q&A on Free Will

This is something that I wrote elsewhere but thought would be good to share here. Are we mindless robots? We self-evidently have mind, so we can’t be mindless strictly. Also, our minds play a role in the exercise of will. We are differentiated from robots in a number of ways, but the existence of subjective … Continue reading "A Brief Q&A on Free Will"

Cautioning the Evangelical Justice Movement: Will the Real Pro-Lifers Please Stand Up? (Part 2)

The Evangelical Justice Movement and the Whole-Life Movement In my first post on the contemporary evangelical justice movement (which I dub EJM), I explained that I am skeptical. Justice is important, sure. And lots of what EJM is fired up about are serious issues. But I doubt that much of EJM possess wisdom. I think … Continue reading "Cautioning the Evangelical Justice Movement: Will the Real Pro-Lifers Please Stand Up? (Part 2)"

Two-Stage Preterism

A skeletal explanation and defense of “two-stage” preterism: The New Testament envisions three basic eschatological events: the conclusion of the Old Covenant with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in AD 70, the conquest of the pagan Roman Empire by the Messiah, and a day of final judgment and new creation. Two of these … Continue reading "Two-Stage Preterism"