Other Nifty Blogs

In doing some minor site updates the other day, I noticed that my “Other Nifty Blogs” menu (currently located in a sidebar) was a bit out of date. Obviously, I had to immediately fix it. So now I have a more current blog list that better reflects what I read these days. But today I … Continue reading "Other Nifty Blogs"


Today is International Women’s Day. Yay for my favorite half of the human race! Sadly, though, today is tainted with hype for much of modern feminism’s worst features. In that sense, International Women’s Day celebrations tend to be stunted by worship of antifeminity and other such disasters. But in the spirit of celebrating women as … Continue reading "Women"

Just A Quick Update

So I haven’t been posting much as of late. I figured I’d just drop by and point out why. Ready? *Drumroll* It’s because I’m back in school. Yay! I’m working hard at the Baptist College of Florida, and between that, work, and church I don’t have tons of time for blogging. I certainly won’t be … Continue reading "Just A Quick Update"

The Nicene Noggin

I really have two different audiences for this blog. One of them is people who are very interested in theology, philosophy, and nerd stuff. The other is everyone else, especially those Christians I know doing daily life without needing lots of technical blahs. For a long time there has been a necessary tension between writing for … Continue reading "The Nicene Noggin"

Cool Stuff A' Comin'

Hello all! I’m here with a couple exciting things to share. My blog is about to receive two new features which hopefully will be frequent (though probably not at all regular). So here’s the scoop. First: Introducing my friend Clark Ingram. He’s a pretty cool guy, smart like nobody’s business. So I’ll be stealing some of his … Continue reading "Cool Stuff A' Comin'"

The New Way to Get the Nerd

Hello, all! Many of you probably saw my recent video of me singing “In Summer” from Frozen. Well, having done that, I came to the decision that I want to do more blog stuff on my YouTube channel, because vlogging is cool. So send me requests and I’ll respond with videos!