A Brief Q&A on Free Will

This is something that I wrote elsewhere but thought would be good to share here. Are we mindless robots? We self-evidently have mind, so we can’t be mindless strictly. Also, our minds play a role in the exercise of will. We are differentiated from robots in a number of ways, but the existence of subjective … Continue reading "A Brief Q&A on Free Will"

The Anthropology of Sola Fide

One of the most common claims Catholic and Orthodox critics make of Protestant theology is that the doctrine of forensic justification by faith alone amounts to a legal fiction. God calls us righteous, but we really aren’t righteous. God cooks the books, and the whole atonement is a clever gambit by which God uses Christ’s … Continue reading "The Anthropology of Sola Fide"

Through the EC Book: A Declaration about Union with Christ

I recently started the first volume of Evangelical Calvinism, the big book of essays meant to explain and present the basic mood and mode of this growing development in Reformed theology which goes by that name. It is something of an EC inaugural announcement, showing the basics of what an Evangelical Calvinist approach to the Reformed tradition can look … Continue reading "Through the EC Book: A Declaration about Union with Christ"