On a Historical Old Testament


Yesterday I posted the following status on Facebook: The problem with abandoning the historicity of the Old Testament is that every few years another aspect of it is vindicated. To which I received this response: Yet we would acknowledge the role that varying styles of literature in the ancient Near East has to play, right? […]

September 15

Jesus the Apocalypse: A Study on Mark

Bible Studies

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Jesus the Apocalypse: Mark Bible Study” This is the third and final new series I’m starting now. I thought it would be fun to do a Bible study series on a particular book of the Bible. My recent studies have led me to Mark. The shortest and […]

August 4

Early Evidence for Belief in Jesus’ Deity

The Nicene Noggin

[This is an article I made for an apologetics forum. I decided I might as well post it here as well.] An argument frequently made by those who deny orthodox Christianity is that Jesus was not believed to be God until a very long time after His death. Among those who have the Internet but nothing […]

June 22

Misconceptions about Misconceptions about the Bible


People have a lot of funky ideas about the Bible. And it’s no wonder, given that it is the worldwide bestseller, was completed 2000 years ago, and is revered as God’s word by many millions of people. Anything with that kind of place in the world is bound to find several strange receptions. One thing which frequently happens with the Bible is […]

May 12

The Bible Is Not a House of Cards


What do very many Christians and very many atheists have in common? Believe it or not, they view the Bible pretty similarly. What could an atheist and a Christian both think about the Bible? Both often act as though the Bible were a house of cards. We’ve all seen card houses. As children, we all […]

May 7

God Is One, The Bible Is Not


When it comes to a good book, Stephen King’s résumé just can’t compare. Thirty-nine plus twenty-seven equals sixty-six books. And if you’re Catholic, there’s even more. So goes the absurd rap parody, “Baby Got Book.” And it is correct. The Bible is actually 66 books. But from the way many people, both Christians and skeptics, […]

January 24

5 Arguments Christians Should Never Use


You know, sometimes people say things that require a facepalm. This can be annoying when you’re debating someone and the other person does this, but few things are worse than when someone on your own side says something absurd. Because of this, and for the sake of Christian credibility, I offer these 5 arguments that […]

May 3