Reflections on Cinderella

Last Saturday night was date night for my lovely wife and me. Since our baby Nathan is old enough to stay with his grandmother for a few hours these days, we could go out for dinner and a movie for the first time in forever. What movie did we see? Cinderella. And I will admit to the face-palming of … Continue reading "Reflections on Cinderella"

Trying to Figure Out Modesty

Sophie and Lacy Meet Sophie. She’s wearing a floor-length dress to school every day. Her bathing suit of choice is a burkini. She never goes out with her friends, but instead stays home to sew, clean, cook, and tend to her father and brothers. She also doesn’t date; she is arranged to marry a hardworking lumberjack … Continue reading "Trying to Figure Out Modesty"

You Might Be a Whovian If…

Every time you see a porta-potty, you think of the TARDIS. Every time you hear “Don’t blink,” you think of Weeping Angels. You think the opposite of YOLO is Rory Williams. You’ve said “wibbley wobbley” since you were 8. You’ve ever said “timey wimey.” Hearing the word “regenerate” makes you both excited and depressed. You … Continue reading "You Might Be a Whovian If…"