More on the Anthropology of Sola Fide: Enfleshed Forensics


My last post on the anthropology of justification, much to my pleasure, received some noteworthy criticisms. There were basically two objections: The proposed anthropology seems to solve the anthropological dualism in a technical, pedantic sense, but the solution is purely nominal. Now there is simply an alternative dualism, between the newly-conceived ontological self and the […]

October 27

The Anthropology of Sola Fide


One of the most common claims Catholic and Orthodox critics make of Protestant theology is that the doctrine of forensic justification by faith alone amounts to a legal fiction. God calls us righteous, but we really aren’t righteous. God cooks the books, and the whole atonement is a clever gambit by which God uses Christ’s […]

October 22

The Justification of Ungodly Wealth


Here are the outline and audio recording of a sermon I preached in October. Introduction All familiar with Francis Chan Should be, pastor who gives and sends and loves, author of Crazy Love Ran across an article on him on the Internet “Francis Chan Runs Out of Things To Give Away” Eric Horton, Chief Generosity […]

November 18

Protestant Reformation: The Day After


Two days ago was Reformation Day (and Halloween, of course, but that’s less interesting), and I never did get around to writing anything or throwing in my token of celebration. So I’m taking up a different topic on this later day: the aftermath of the Reformation. I want to offer a few thoughts on the way the […]

November 2

Wanting to Justify Himself


The statement that prompted the parable of the Good Samaritan struck me recently. Here’s the account: Just then an expert in the law stood up to test Him, saying, “Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” “What is written in the law?” He asked him. “How do you read it?” He answered: Love […]

June 17

An Experimental Framework for Justification

The Nicene Noggin

Justified. So we are as believers. We stand before God in some kind of right relationship. We know that this is done because of Jesus’ work for us. But the Bible can be a bit unclear on the details. As I mentioned in a recent post, both Catholic and Protestant views have strengths and weaknesses […]

April 21

Happy Resurrection Day! (Or, Why Easter Rocks)


Happy Easter, everyone! Today is that marvelous day when we all sing of one reality: He is risen! The Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, rose from the dead on this day around 2000 years ago. As it is written, “God raised Him from the dead.” Today, I do not feel the need to correct […]

April 5

Faith and Works, Plus a Bar Fight


The Fight A Catholic bishop and a Presbyterian preacher walk into a bar. Seeing that they were both teachers of Scripture, they began talking theology over drinks. The discussion soon got heated when they got to the topic of justification by faith. Before anyone knew what had happened, both men lay dead on the floor, […]

February 15