An Android Analogy for God’s Sovereignty: Xposed Causality

If you are a pretty serious Android user, you’ve probably heard of the Xposed Framework. It is wonderful magic that lets you basically do anything to your phone/tablet without installing a new version of Android or modifying system apps. Recently, when deliberating on God’s sovereignty, it struck me that the way Xposed works could actually make a … Continue reading "An Android Analogy for God’s Sovereignty: Xposed Causality"

Zelda and the Outdoors

I stepped outside the other day to go to my car and stopped as I saw the brightness of the world. It occurred to me that “to go” was really the only reason I head outside, at least most of the time. This seemed, and seems today, a bit of a shame. This is what a lot of … Continue reading "Zelda and the Outdoors"

You Might Be a Whovian If…

Every time you see a porta-potty, you think of the TARDIS. Every time you hear “Don’t blink,” you think of Weeping Angels. You think the opposite of YOLO is Rory Williams. You’ve said “wibbley wobbley” since you were 8. You’ve ever said “timey wimey.” Hearing the word “regenerate” makes you both excited and depressed. You … Continue reading "You Might Be a Whovian If…"