Rare Steak and the Death Penalty

Execution. Such an awful and yet, according to many people, necessary thing. Where one life was taken, another must be. When dealing with death, people usually get touchy, so there’s no mystery behind the death penalty being controversial. I mean, some of the most heated issues in popular debate involve death (abortion, euthanasia, animal rights, … Continue reading "Rare Steak and the Death Penalty"

A Different Kind of Calvinism: Jesus’ Unconditional Election

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “A Different Kind of Calvinism” Probably the most defining doctrine of classical, TULIP Calvinism (TC here, as in my previous posts) is the U, “unconditional election.” It is this doctrine which most people associate with the word “predestination.” In order to explain how Evangelical Calvinism (EC, remember) retools election, … Continue reading "A Different Kind of Calvinism: Jesus’ Unconditional Election"