Feminism Wishlist


I’ve never really identified with feminism for various reasons. This, of course, doesn’t mean that I necessarily oppose all forms of feminism. I simply think that the most common forms which exist today are basically of the same essence as the most radical forms, and therefore any kind of feminism which isn’t fundamentally disordered is […]

October 18

The Nicene Nerdcast: Against Traditional Marriage

The Nicene Nerdcast

This post is the second epsiode of my new podcast, The Nicene Nerdcast. Again, there’s not much for me to introduce, and if the title has you prepared for outrage, I give you my kind-hearted laughter. This episode is the result of some recent reflections on the nature and purpose of marriage, along with its […]

October 10

Modernity, From Original Sin to the Day of the Lord


The news lately has put me thinking a lot about the origins and destination of the modern world. By “modern world,” I mean the social, political, cultural, institutional, and industrial structures of the post-Enlightenment West and other regions and peoples who have been influenced by it. It is a very peculiar world, with certain developments […]

September 9

Homosexuality Then and Now, in Theological Narrative Perspective


A lot of progressive Christians argue that the historical context of the New Testament restricts the scope of the so-called “clobber texts” about homosexuality. Jesus and the Apostles, they say, had no concept of the modern development of a loving, consensual, monogamous homosexual relationship. Therefore in places like Romans 1 where they seemed to condemn […]

August 30

The Justification of Ungodly Wealth


Here are the outline and audio recording of a sermon I preached in October. Introduction All familiar with Francis Chan Should be, pastor who gives and sends and loves, author of Crazy Love Ran across an article on him on the Internet “Francis Chan Runs Out of Things To Give Away” Eric Horton, Chief Generosity […]

November 18

Final Reflections on the Election


I’m done ranting against a Donald Trump vote. I’ve made my voice clear about that, and if anyone can find a way to vote for Trump without violating their conscience, it’s between you and God. Instead, here are a few other reflections on the election today. I believe the election this year plays a critical […]

November 8

The American Solidarity Party: Social Issues


This is post 2 of 2 in the series “American Solidarity Party” A while back, I posted about the American Solidarity Party as a potential third way for Christians who are sick of the polarization, incompetence, and corruption involved with our two major parties, the party of death and the party of standing-for-nothing-but-at-least-we’re-not-Democrats. The ASP […]

October 12

Moving Past Polarization: The American Solidarity Party


This is post 1 of 2 in the series “American Solidarity Party” If you’ve read my post on Trump from a little while ago, or especially if you’ve followed me on Facebook, you know that I am very unhappy with the state of American politics. The offerings¬†our two major parties are giving us for the […]

August 30