Who Acts in Our Salvation? Jesus!


When we’re initially saved, who makes it happen? If you’re not familiar with many aspects of the traditional Calvinist/Arminian debate, you may be wondering what quite this question is getting at. If you are, you may recognize the doctrinal point involved. The question at hand is the debate of monergism vs. synergism. If you don’t […]

December 12

Theosis: Does Christmas Make Men Gods?


Sometimes you’re reading an old Church Father or something along those lines when you suddenly feel the need to stop in your tracks because you hit a quote like this one from St. Athanasius: For the Son of God became man so that we might become god. If you’re not from an Eastern tradition of […]

December 8

What’s So Calvinist about Evangelical Calvinism?


If you’ve followed some of my posts about Evangelical Calvinism, you might have to wonder what exactly makes it deserve the label “Calvinism.” After all, we reject the defining U, L, and I of TULIP. Without the meaty bulk of the Calvinist system, what substance is left for the title “Calvinist?” Without getting into too much detail either theologically or […]

April 26

In Christ, Out of Christ? Two Essays on “Losing” Salvation


This is post 1 of 3 in the series “In Christ, Out of Christ? Two Views on “Losing” Salvation in Christological Perspective” The question of whether or not people can “lose” their salvation, to the extent that this language even makes sense, has been traditionally controversial. In the time in between the completion of the […]

February 25

Wait, How Is That Prophecy about Jesus?


The New Testament frequently cites Old Testament prophecy about Jesus. A quick glance, even just through Matthew, shows just how much this was emphasized. Core to the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus fulfills the prophetic word of God in the Old Testament. The ancient Nicene Creed says Jesus “suffered death and was buried, and rose again on […]

February 5

Jesus Lived for Us: The Vicarious Humanity of Christ


Another sermon manuscript, one that I preached this morning. This was actually meant to lead into Communion, which you will see that it does. His Whole Life Matters This morning, I want to start by asking a simple question. In fact, it’s a good little church question which a bunch of church people should have […]

September 6

Christ Alone: Absolutely Wonderful!


“Jesus paid it all / all to Him I owe.” Some hymns have the most wonderful truths, don’t they? Jesus paid it all. We are saved by Christ alone. In practice, we don’t always believe this. We think that the strength of our faith, the degree of our obedience, or the purity of our motives […]

June 2